Pediatric custom in-home speech-language therapy .

Denver Speech Language Solutions was built on one simple belief: that the best place for children to receive speech-language therapy is in their own environment.


Free Screenings

Screenings are offered which is an affordable and convenient way to assess the progress of your child’s development. Screenings are conducted by a speech-language pathologist and generally take about 20 minutes. Parents will have the opportunity to ask the therapist questions and learn how they can support their child’s development. Screenings help identify children who are falling within the typical range of development as well as identify those in need of a more extensive evaluation.

A screening alone is not diagnostically reliable and should only be used, as a tool to decide if an evaluation is necessary. A licensed speech-language pathologist will not make goals about ongoing therapy until an evaluation is completed, however, after both formal and informal screenings, an SLP will meet with parents to create a plan for the next step: either conduct an evaluation or decide that the child is on track with speech and language and wait 3-6 months before screening again.

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Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation

The process begins with a comprehensive speech and language evaluation.  Evaluations are age appropriate and, particularly for our younger students, are highly interactive and play based. Our therapists perform evaluations and then develop treatment plans and goals to address your child’s specific needs.

When a child is on a current IFSP or IEP or has had an evaluation within the past year, we do not require a new evaluation and your child can begin therapy right away. Evaluations are required if your child has not been evaluated in the past year or is not currently receiving services. 

Individualized Speech-Language Therapy

At Denver Speech Language Solutions we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our therapist’s offer services not limited to but including the following areas:

  • Articulation– How individual speech sounds are produced.

  • Expressive Language – The ability to express needs, wants, thoughts, or emotions.

  • Receptive Language – The ability to understand language.

  • Social Skills– The ability to interact, take the perspective of others, and understand unwritten social rules.

  • Fluency – Often referred to as stuttering or having difficulty producing fluent speech.

  • Auditory Processing – How the brain receives and interprets information that is heard.

  • Apraxia – Difficulty planning the motor movements of speech and transmitting the signal from the brain to the mouth.

  • Cognitive Impairments – Deficits in the ability to reason, concentrate, recall information, problem solve, and process ideas.

  • Voice Disorders - abuse and misuse of the vocal folds that results in trauma such as nodules.

Consulting Services

Denver Speech Language Solutions offers design and review of Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) as well as being an advocate for your child during IEP and IFSP meetings with schools.  We use our inside knowledge of the school system to help get your child the support he or she deserves.